3 Tips For Expanding Your Business (The Right Way)

Many small-business owners want to grow their companies, and they want to do it fast. But if you rush into expansion without a plan, you risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Growth and expansion are key goals for most business owners and entrepreneurs. But how can you expand your business in today’s lackluster and slow-growth economy?

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Here are three small business expansion strategies that may help you grow your business to the next level:

1. Build brand recognition

The more times consumers see you online, the easier your company will be to remember. When a consumer sees your logo, advertising campaign, product packaging or slogan, you want them to be able to recognize it as your company. This all comes down to building brand recognition.Your small business might not be able to reach top-levels of immediacy, but you can still work to become a well-known brand among your target audience.

2. Hire the right people

Startup life isn’t for everyone, so find employees who will be eager to take on the challenge. The hiring stage is critical to growing your business successfully. It’s important to take your time and find the right people for the job. Do so and things will go swimmingly. Hire the wrong people, and all of your hard work will come crumbling down. To avoid the latter fate, consider recruiting people based on their technical skills and experience. You should also determine if they’ll be a good fit during this time of growth.

3. Develop a company culture

When your target audience can see the values behind your company, they can connect with your business on a deeper level. When employees feel connected to your company, they’ll be more likely to stick it out through uncertain times. A strong company culture is what will keep your small-business team together during times of exponential growth. If you’re not sure where to start, ask yourself and your team questions such as:

-Why does our company exist?
-What does our company believe in?
-Where do we want our company to go, what’s our company’s vision?

Now You Have It….

Expanding your small business is exciting, so long as you don’t get carried away. By going into the expansion with a plan in mind, you’ll be able to stay true to your values, keep your star employees, impress your customers and attract new ones, all of which contributes to the recipe for a successful business.

" It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else" - Erma Bombeck

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