How to Develop a Marketing Plan – Improve Business Development

Business Development Strategies is a combination of numerous individual tasks which has a goal of implementing and developing growth opportunities either within the organization or between two or more organizations. It is related to all round development of a particular business which makes it enriching and fruitful. It is a mixture of commerce, business and organizational behavior theories. Business development deals with the establishment of long term value factor for an organization from the point of view of markets.

Strategic Marketing Vs. Tactical Marketing

Strategy refers to the overall vision and approach you want to follow towards your goals, while tactics involve the actions needed to fulfill your strategy. There are many samples of marketing strategies in which might include; Creating a strong and consistent online marketing campaign via social media most used by target audience, building loyalty and trust with free webinars, content, and videos, Negotiate with large-scale retailers to sell products. You can also bring product quickly to market to take advantage of a new trend.

Marketing is what allows you to place your product or service in front of prospects. It’s also how you create brand awareness. Your approach to marketing is to ultimately pull in potential clients, make sales, and bring in the cash flow needed to make a profit.

Strategic Marketing

This is what determines the direction that your business will follow. A strategic marketing plan generally covers: Mission Statement or Goals, Market Trends, Target audience, Pricing, Budget, Promotional Strategy and many more. With having those mapped out you should now be able to confirm if your small business has the finances, resources, and foundation to grab market opportunities. After defining your overall marketing strategy and goals, you’ve gotten a better grasp on elements like demographics, trends, costs, risks, and logistics. Now, you can then start to develop the actual tactics to reach those goals.

Tactical Marketing

Tactical marketing refers to the actions to take towards reaching your strategic goals. Tactical marketing should address the steps needed to reach goals such as building websites, generating leads, placing ads, and promoting sales. Set your tactics according to your available resources > primarily budget, personnel, vendors, partners, materials, inventory, and facilities. A tactical marketing plan doesn’t have to be a specific size or shape. The main point is that it adapts to your needs, resources, and business objectives.

Partners, Referrals, and Joint Ventures

There could be strong benefits in collaborating with peers, contacts, and other business owners:

  • Referrals for your products or services
  • Sharing email address lists for promotional campaigns
  • Cross-promoting events like showcases, workshops, and webinars.


Your Marketing Plan allows you to know your company’s direction, the course that you are following, and your planned destination. With a well-detailed Tactical Marketing Plan, you will have a measurable plan that includes your estimates in terms of product and service offerings, promotions, pricing, and other relevant areas. It’s important to check regularly that your plan is on-track and to make adjustments as trends, costs, and resources change. Do you have a marketing plan? If so, how is your plan impacting your business. Let us know your thoughts in the comments’ area below.

" It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else" - Erma Bombeck

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