Is Forex a Scam? Learn Forex Trading

The foreign exchange market also known as Forex or the FX market is the world’s most traded market with a turnover of $5.1 trillion per day. Traded 24 hours a day, 5 days a week by individual traders worldwide, banks, and many institutions. Forex, unlike other financial markets, there is no other centralized marketplace. Take a closer look  at everything you will need to know about forex trading, including what it is, how it works and the ways that you can trade forex with the team.

===>What is Forex???<===

Forex is a short word for the Foreign Exchange Market. It’s open 24/5 which means it closes at 6pm on Friday and opens back up on Sunday at 5pm. The market is worth 5.7 trillion dollars (you can look it up for yourself) this is the largest financial market.

It’s a market that showed me a different way on how finance can be worth.

It’s similar to the stock market but the stock market is worth $22 billion dollars, and it just do stocks.
Trading in the Foreign Exchange Market means you are simply trading Currencies.
The simple part is that you can profit from it through your phone.

Here’s an example of what trading currencies is like:
Let’s pretend we went to Europe with $1000 in U.S. Dollars, but we have to covert it over to Euros since we are in Europe. The Foreign Exchange person gives you 500 in euros because that is how much the $1000 in U.S Dollars is worth. Now, since I’m in Europe I want to go back to the United Stated. This means that I will need to convert my 500 euros back to U.S. Dollars. Now, I am expecting $1000 in U.S Dollars because that’s how much money I started out with. However, when the Foreign Exchange person converts my money back to U.S. She gave me $2000 back. I’m thinking to myself that this must be a mistake but in reality, it was not. What happen was that the dollar in the south became stronger then what it was when I first had it. I simply profited $1000 dollars just for traveling.
Technology has advanced!!!!!!! LET’S TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!!!!! (Simply Tradehouse Currencies through our phone)

About Tradehouse

Trade house has 8000 plus members and its GROWING!!!
Tradehouse Motto is “Earn While You Learn” (simply copy and paste the signals sent to your phone and wait literally)

Which means individuals are:

More profitable
Quitting jobs
Becoming more educated on how the system works.
Tradehouse provides training from Sunday to about Friday at 9pm eastern
Making sure everyone is profitable

                  ==> iMarketsLive <==


iMarketsLive – is a service and education platform to give off education information on how to learn to make money with the foreign exchange market.


iMarketsLive Products:


IML Academy:

Hundreds of educational videos from beginners to advanced learning how to trade on foreign exchange market. These videos break it down to the Tea!!!




People that like to watch Netflix, YouTube or videos, THIS PART IS FOR YOU!!!!

We have people that are master traders come on these webinars that have been doing these things for years. THEY ARE EDUCATORS and are willing to educate you as well.


Harmonic Scanner:


Everyone that is apart of the Tradehouse uses this product.

This product is built to scan the whole market to see which pairs is the most profitable & you will need to learn the strategy to know when you should enter the market.

However, if you are not using Harmonic Scanner you will be sent signals to your phone through your text messages and all you have to do is copy and paste into the trading market. That simple.

With all of the products within iMarketsLive you are PROFITABLE!!!



 Frequant Questions & Answers

How do you get started?

Do I have to pay? Where is the money going to?


Initial payment: $225 to get started (does not go to myself or anyone but iMarketLive)
$225 is going to your products and your education to gain knowledge on the foreign exchange market (5.7 Trillion Dollar Market).

The there is a waivable $164 monthly fee until you get 2 people to sign up under you and that will waive the fee for life.
iMarketsLive also provides you with another source of income. Residual income that pays you for the rest of your life.
When you show other people their products they will start paying you every Friday. Also gives you bonuses as well. Here’s the RANKS BELOW:




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