Your Online Business Will FAIL In 2019 If YOU Do Not Do These ‘5 Things’

Your online business will FAIL in 2019 if you do not do these 5 things. In this post, I go over 5 very important digital marketing strategies that all businesses need to achieve massive success on the internet. If you can check all 5 points off then your business is on track to flourish if it hasn’t already.These 5 points are going too work for YOU!

1) Product/ Market Fit

2) Persuasive Messaging

3) Proper Offers

4) Pleasant Technology

5) Promotional Content


“Don’t get caught up trying to create the perfect Ad.With time, perfect will come with the feedback you get.Just get your content out to the world and let them know how you can help solve their problem.” Kevin Louidor



" It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else" - Erma Bombeck

8 thoughts on “Your Online Business Will FAIL In 2019 If YOU Do Not Do These ‘5 Things’

  1. ScottG Reply

    Love the background! This is a great video that every internet marketer should watch.

  2. Nanda Reply

    Hey Kevin, great content and such a powerful push to get my message out there. I will keep your advice in the back of my mind as I am improving my online visibility and making offers that they actually are waiting for. I love what you’re doing and helping so many people. Keep up the good work. Love to you… Nanda

    • Dusan Reply

      Hey, great video und great content! Thank you for sharing. That is just what I was looking for! Looking forward for your next one!

  3. Strahinja Reply

    Thank you for sharing your video. It really helped me get another perspective on customer/seller relationship. I loved the facts you shared and especially about targeting customers and knowing what a person wants.

    I wish I started when I was your age. I would be on the top in 5 years or less. I appreciate your positive energy.

    Keep up the great content.


  4. Emmitt Hoeft Reply

    Fantastic Video it really made me think. I could use some help thanks for the info. I especially liked the part on knowing what a customer wants. Great insight.

  5. Emily Reply

    Your whole website is full of super useful and encouraging information! I feel like you’re definitely on the right track. Keep it up 🙂

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